Code of the West

FOX CREEK RANCH was established and is run under the very basic and simple principal that many of the Western ranchers and cowboys abide by. “The Code of the West” has been the unmistakably basic lifestyle that is still found out in the country today, where neighbors become friends and always offer a helping hand to support each other. We hope that all visitors today, will still embrace “The Code of the West”. Thanks for visiting with us.




FOX CREEK RANCH was previously owned by several generations of the well known San Benito County Naccarato Family. After a local contactor took a brief ownership, FOX CREEK FUND LLC acquired the main ranch in early 2000 and subsequently added two additional ranches to the south. The ranch facilities were constructed using old school wood and board fence on all arenas to enjoy a rodeo feel of years gone by.

A small redwood grain building and barn, well over 100 years old, became the first buildings of what is today an old western town. Events such as weddings or other celebrations, soon became the main use of the western town resulting in the need for larger and bigger buildings. The new event center “Town Hall” can accommodate 200 guest for a sit down dinner venue.

Whether weddings, personal celebrations or club gatherings, FOX CREEK RANCH has the rustic western feel of days gone by that is unique and gives the ambiance of the “Old West”.

The current owner also restored the historic Western Restaurant and Bar “The 19th Hole, Food and Booze” in Tres Pinos, California, which is one of the oldest western bars in operation since 1883. Check out The 19th Hole